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Millennials are the Third Party

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson is on the ballot in all 50 states; Green nominee Jill Stein is on the ballot in more than 40 states. Langer believes the data shows both these candidates are pulling support away from Clinton — specifically pulling away former supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders...

What Langer said is apparent if you look at the polling for millennials. In his own polling, one-in-four voters under age 40 is supporting a third-party candidate. Johnson earns 17 percent of voters under age 40; Stein earns 8 percent. In the Red Alert Politics Millennial Poll Average, Johnson has nearly 15 percent of the vote and Stein has 7.3 percent.

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Number of Debate Podiums Not Known

Alexandria The Libertarian Party releases this statement from Libertarian National Committee Political Director, Carla Howell:

“It has come to our attention that Fox News is running misleading ads for the first presidential debate scheduled for September 26, which show just two participants: Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. The Commission on Presidential Debates has not yet announced whether it will include Libertarian Gov. Gary Johnson in debates.

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